Welcome to JSO

Joint Security Organisation

Interested in an in-depth ARMA 3 milsim experience but don't want to be confined by what happens in the real military? Being a virtual military we provide a unique gameplay experience entirely tailored to ARMA 3. 


After operations, our members are rewarded for their time and actions in the mission through our unique award system. In essence, building their own virtual military career.

The Joint Security Organisation (JSO) is a virtual military founded on 1st January 2017. Its membership is drawn from throughout the world and conducts operations on the behalf of the United Nations and other nations which request military assistance.

JSO can conduct military operations on the full spectrum of warfare, from humanitarian and peacekeeping operations to major theatre warfare. However, due to the size of the organisation and the nature of modern war, JSO is typically involved in counterinsurgency operations and asymmetric warfare.

JSO is the premier virtual military experience. Our members have the advantage of:

  • An extensive and reward-oriented career through the organisation website;
  • Regular challenging and cooperative virtual military operations, in the form of group operations and campaigns.



Closing with and killing the enemy.



Bringing the big guns to the fight.

Rotary Wing


Adding mobility and lethality.

Special Forces

Special Forces

Completing the missions others cannot.